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Can I use the mask on any skin?

登録カテゴリ:日常の出来事 投稿日時:2022年01月06日 15時28分

In the summer, sensitive skin should also be hydrated. The most commonly used method is facial mask. So, what are the taboos and techniques for sensitive skin when choosing a facial mask? Let’s take a look at it with the editor.

Three types of sensitive skin

? Oily sensitive skin

There will always be one or two acne on the face or back, closing the mouth, inflammation and swelling is commonplace, even on dry cheeks and chin will inevitably develop acne.

?Fragile and sensitive muscles

Environment, stress, lack of sleep, or before and after the menstrual period, will make the skin sensitive and uncomfortable, and appear tight, red, dry and itchy. The original skin care products and cosmetics are no longer applicable, which makes people very upset.

?Dry sensitive skin

The skin is always dry, rough and uneven. It tingles, itches, and sometimes redness and swelling after applying skin care products! The skin is dry, which leads to the deterioration of the skin's resistance. No matter how moisturized it is, it still feels dry.

Three taboos for using sensitive skin mask

No. 1 contains additives such as fragrance and coloring

Spices and pigments are widely used in modern skin care products. Although they are fragrant, they are common allergens. Sensitive muscles should be very careful when choosing a mask. Be sure to choose a safe mask without additives.

No. 2 nutritional ingredients are too "all-round"

Masks with too much nutrients and sensitive skin should also be considered carefully. The skin's keratin barrier is weak and its defense ability is poor. "Eating" too much nutrients will cause the skin to "indigest".

No.3 mask cloth is not gentle and skin-friendly, causing secondary damage

There are so many kinds of mask cloths on the market, each has its advantages and disadvantages, but some mask cloths are easy to breed bacteria when the production process is not strict, have poor air permeability, or increase the burden on the skin, causing secondary damage to the skin.

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